Our Team

“Welcome, everyone! We are so excited to have you and are looking forward to our adventures through SILVER.”

We are a diverse group of dedicated volunteers committed to bringing high quality education to our students and as well as to all students worldwide who lack the opportunity for education. We are eager to lead our students to become global citizens with English fluency.

Project Founders & Leaders

Sunny Eom (Founder _ Leader)

Sunwoo “Sunny” Eom

Twin sisters Sunny and Annie Eom are the founders and leaders of the SILVER project and the vice presidents of Seeds of Empowerment. They moved to California, US, from Seoul, South Korea, in 2018. They have enjoyed first-hand experiences of various cultures from this transition as well as from their travels through Asia, Europe, and North America.

Annie Eom (Founder & Leader)

Sunmin “Annie” Eom

Sunny and Annie are currently seniors at Albany High School in Albany, CA, and they have abiding interests in global citizenship, entrepreneurship, and computer science. They are education activists who have the goal of providing education to school aged-children and fighting poverty. Annie and Sunny are continuously working on ways to positively impact society through Seeds of Empowerment.



Paul Kim

Dr. Paul Kim is the Chief Technology Officer and Assistant Dean of the Stanford Graduate School of Education since 2001. As an education technology entrepreneur, Paul leads initiatives involving the design of learning technologies, educational research, and community development. In 2009, Paul founded Seeds of Empowerment, as a non-profit global education incubator for social innovations leveraging mobile technologies.



Sally Kim

Vice President

Colin Sheldon (Instructional Support Team)

Colin Sheldon

Samika Mallick

Samika Mallick

Instructional Support Team

IMG_0095 (2)

Heeya Das

Anusha Diyyala (Instructional Support Team)

Anusha Diyyala

Sydney Young (Instructional Support Team)

Sydney Young

Foreign Ambassadors


Wendy Muratas


Sebastian Guerrero


South Korea
Eunsoo Lee
Seojin Lee

Curriculum Development Team


Annie Eom

Sunny Eom


Jeong-Yeon “Jenny” Ahn

Hannah Chung

Emily Chao

Anusha Diyyala

Annie Eom

Sunny Eom

Saemin Kim

Sylvia Lidsky

Samika Mallick

Maddie Ravid

Colin Sheldon

Sophia Weise

Justin Yang

Sydney Young

Global Citizenship

Annie Eom

Sunny Eom

Heeya Das

Sydney Young

Current Teachers

Calder Aziz-Mahoney

Falak Chhatre

Amy Cho

Celisa Cortes

Heeya Das

Anusha Diyyala

Himanshu Gupta

Saraya Hampton

Leo Hao

Keira Indick

Jin Jeon


Shreya Lakshmanan

Kailea Lee

Samantha Lee

Seojin Lee

Sylvia Lidsky

Chloe Lu

Arielle Makedonsky

Samika Mallick

Wendy Muratas

Boyeon Park

Srishti Prabhalkar


Divya Raina

Matias Relyea

Celene Sahoo

Colin Sheldon

Sakurako Shioya

Rayena Tare

Alfred Wu

Sydney Young

Thomas Zhang

James Zhu

Lexi Zhu


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