Coding Program


Coding is an important 21st-century skill that is used to develop technologies all around us like applications, games, and other software! In our coding program, students start with Scratch, a block-based visual programming language, and move onto Java, an object-oriented programming language. The program develops computational thinking skills - which involves decomposition, pattern recognition, pattern abstraction, and algorithmic design - that are essential in solving everyday problems to complex, theoretical problems.


Participation Requirements

  • 10-13 years old students (grade 5-8 equivalent)

Class Information

  • One-on-one Zoom classes
  • 45-minutes once a week
  • Level: for beginner students with little to no codingexperience
  • Homework: about 10-30 minutes per week
  • Teachers: academically high-achieving US high schoolstudent volunteers who specialize in coding
  • Only accept limited number of students to focus on each student more

Program Schedule

  • Fall Semester: 14 weeks (Aug-Dec)
  • Spring Semester: 21 weeks (Jan-Jun)


  • Tution: Free!


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